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May 15, 2023 in Edon's Picks, People and Culture

Unleashing Innovation with In-House App Development

Technological solutions have become essential for companies looking to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape, and Edon is no exception. We now have an in-house team dedicated to adapting the…
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April 14, 2023 in Edon's Picks, Office, People and Culture

Home is Where the Hive is

Alberta is home to over 200 bee species, and our office rooftops are home to one of them.  A few years ago, we partnered with Alvéole, an urban beekeeping company…
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March 20, 2023 in Case Studies, Edon's Picks, Office

Offering Additional Services

Our Caretakers are part of our Integrated Services and one of our Centres of Excellence. An army of day porters and evening staff keep lobbies, washrooms, floors, and common areas spotless. But…
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February 22, 2023 in Case Studies, Edon's Picks, Office

Great Team, Great Spaces

After the success of the lobby/atrium renovation at Atrium II, our Project Management Office (PMO) turned its sights across the street to Atrium I, another building in need of modernization. Acting…
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