In a large, multi-faceted organization like Edon Management, we rely on our Centres of Excellence (COE) to ensure we deliver optimum value to our clients. Our COEs enable us to offer consistent quality throughout our operations, remain nimble, drive innovation and respond quickly to change – all vital to our clients and tenants and ultimately to our own business and employees.

Why does Edon have Centres of Excellence?

This is not just a passing corporate fad, but rather a shared philosophy that ensures all the moving parts of our business work together as “One Team.” Over three decades, COEs have grown to 12 units, collectively called EPlus, responding to the changing needs of our clients, tenants and employees. Edon’s Corporate Support Team is the glue that binds the entire team.

But that doesn’t mean there will always be only 12 competency centres. Our clients can be assured that, like any good organization, we are always evolving as our work changes, such as taking on new contracts or pivoting to unforeseen external factors. Each of the excellence centres works with the integrated whole to minimize challenges and get the job done to everyone’s satisfaction.

Every ship has a good captain and crew

Our integrated network reduces silos between groups and offers a consistent quality and communication process in our day-to-day business operations so that everyone can succeed in their workplaces and fulfill their responsibilities.

You can think of our EPlus COEs as a bit like a ship’s captain and crew. Every person on board needs to understand and agree on how the ship should operate, and on the most efficient and safe route to the destination. Each unit in our excellence centres makes sure everyone involved has the right tools for the job and the resources to navigate the most effective route. Yes, there might be some bumps along the way, but our unified approach makes the journey smoother.

Here are a few examples of our newer COEs that illustrate our responsiveness in the workplace:

  • Our Pandemic Recovery Program (EPReP) was established to ensure a safe return to the workplace during the coronavirus and maintain the health of our clients, tenants and the public.
  • Our Building Security program (ESecure) was created to respond to new contracts that require asset and building occupant protection through security guard services.
  • Our Sustainability program (EGreen) is in response to a need for a safe, efficient and cost-effective environment that optimizes performance and reduces energy consumption.

How do our clients benefit?

Our “One Team” philosophy tells our clients that we have a strong support system in place, ensuring that all contracts run smoothly, ultimately fulfilling our clients’ and tenants’ needs. You’ll know that each of the centres are consistently monitoring and meeting KPIs and taking proactive measures to implement improvements and efficiencies, not just at the contract level, but also centrally at the corporate level.

Each of our COEs have qualified experts in fields such as Project Management, Quality Management, Human Resources, Safety, Sustainability, Caretaking, Grounds Care, Security and Facility Operations who develop best practices, train resources, and regularly audit to ensure compliance.

Accountability is another positive outcome of our COEs. Why? Because it allows not only managers, but also field level resources, to be accountable to our high operating standards – irrespective of contract or location.

The Edon promise

Our success is your success. That’s why when we obtain a new contract the COEs make sure a high level of service is established right from the start. Our business improvement philosophy is that the people we work with are integrated into our practices. This philosophy aligns with Edon’s process and culture, whether it’s an employee, client, subcontractor, supplier or any other interested party.

We want you to know that we pride ourselves on a customer-focused business approach. Our EPlus Centres of Excellence are a large part of what makes Edon the thriving business that it is today.