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Automation in commercial property management is transforming the way property managers handle daily tasks, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and support overall operations. Innovations in smart building technologies and software in areas such as lighting, HVAC, and security reduce the hours property staff need to dedicate to daily tasks, while digital document storage and online reporting tools eliminate the need for bulky storage cabinets and file rooms.

Beyond that, however, it is becoming increasingly evident that automation in clerical, financial, quality management, and other organizational functions is essential for companies to stay competitive while providing high-quality service. We realized that making a digital shift and minimizing the time spent on redundant administration would create capacity for more meaningful work, enhancing the overall experience for our tenants, clients, and staff.

Our Automation Team works diligently to drive innovation, creating apps and workflows that have changed the way we interact and how we approach our daily tasks. As the apps and workflows are created in-house, we can build in features for data collection and reporting, and customize in ways that align with our values which has many benefits.

We are now able to centralize administration and have transitioned many of our Administrators into other roles, such as Business Analysts or Process Analysts. The data collected through the use of the apps and workflows offers real-time insights that allow us to spot trends and move forward quickly. We can commit capital, modify building processes, adjust staffing levels, examine new services we can offer, or investigate new revenue streams.

We own our data, so we can control who can access it and how it is stored, shared, and utilized. We can easily move it between different platforms and services, and we can manage how we choose to view, filter, and sort it. This allows us to customize reporting for our tenants/clients and make changes quickly.

We can also customize to fit the needs of our Team Members. Our Team is diverse, and we want them to feel confident when entering information that would affect their personal lives. With this in mind, we’ve created the apps for expense reports, mileage, and time entry to be available in several different languages:

By implementing automation, we can turn our focus from daily tasks to strategic decision-making, forge stronger connections with tenants, clients and staff, and make informed decisions that drive our company’s success.

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