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Diverting waste materials away from landfills through recycling, composting, and other waste management measures helps us minimize the environmental impact of our daily operations.

We’ve engaged Recycle Track Systems to handle our waste removal, a partnership which gives us a unique insight into the makeup and handling of waste at our properties. By reviewing the quarterly diversion rates provided by Recycle Track Systems, we can see where we’re doing well, where we may need to improve our processes and procedures, and tailor our building communications. We can draft messages to tenants, occupants, and our building staff on source reduction, for example, or promote responsible consumption practices. We can also incentivize by forwarding reminders on  how we use sensors our waste bins to measure fullness and trigger pickups rather than following a predetermined schedule – fewer pickups equals more money saved.

Our overall diversion rate for 2023 was 51.58%. In other words, a little over half of the waste produced at our properties stayed out of landfills. By continuing to promote responsible waste management and leading by example in our business strategies, we can push that number higher to create a more sustainable and resilient future.


Edon’s 2023 Total Tonnage = 321.58
  • Garbage                         155.70 tons               48%
  • Cardboard                       35.58 tons                11%
  • Mixed Recycling             61.18 tons                19%
  • Paper                                  0.62 tons                  1%
  • Organics                           68.50 tons                21%


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