Advanced Energy Technology International (AETi) was looking for a bright and modern office space to welcome clients and provide employees with a desirable place to work. The space they were interested in, located in Calgary’s Airstate Business Park (a property managed by Edon), was anything but. .

After listening to and understanding AETi’s needs, our   Project Management Office (PMO) and General Contracting (GenCon) Divisions set out to transform the space into exactly what AETi envisioned.  Both the PMO and GenCon were instrumental in this renovation, from concept to completion – the PMO managing all facets of design, permitting, demolition and construction, and GenCon providing the materials and skilled trades to execute the work. The result is not only impressive, but a true reflection of AETi’s vision.

Such in-house, integrated services – like PMO and GenCon – are unique to Edon and provide several advantages, all of which AETi experienced first-hand. By self-performing the work, we eliminate multiple mark-ups and can therefore offer more favorable rates. Using our own forces also provides greater control over quality and safety and assures compliance with our ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and COR (Safety) certifications. It also typically results in shorter schedules, so projects are completed faster.

The transformation of AETi’s new office space brought their vision to fruition and demonstrates the benefits of our integrated, in-house services. AETi has a bright and modern space, and our PMO and GenCon teams delivered another successful project.