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The summer of 2023 was hot and dry, making lawncare and landscaping a challenge in Calgary. Temperatures were 20% above average while rainfall was 24% below the norm. Due to a record low of natural flow on both the Bow and the Elbow Rivers, the City of Calgary imposed water restrictions which came into effect in August.

However, changing how we irrigate has made all the difference at select Edon sites. We’re pleased to announce that our partnership with ExactET has yielded positive results for the second year in a row. ExactET uses special weather monitoring stations, real-time weather data, and landscaping needs to efficiently manage watering. This generates water savings without sacrificing the quality of lawn care.

The sites where ExactET manages our irrigation combined for an overall water savings of 43% in 2023. This represents over 7 million litres of water, a critical statistic in a year with so little rainfall.

We’re encouraged by this result and look forward to continued water savings throughout this partnership. With the likelihood of water restrictions continuing in the coming years, this type of monitoring helps keep us in line with our sustainability goals while continuing to offer well-kept properties.