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Offering Additional Services

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Our Caretakers are part of our Integrated Services and one of our Centres of Excellence. An army of day porters and evening staff keep lobbies, washrooms, floors, and common areas spotless. But what happens when tenant spaces need some extra attention not covered under their routine suite cleaning? By offering these services in-house, we can offer worry-free solutions in a number of ways.


Cost and timing are generally the largest considerations when selecting a service provider. We can often perform the service quicker and at a lower rate than an external vendor. As these services are supplemental to our primary business, we can eliminate the need for call out fees, consultation or quote fees, and other surcharges.

For example, in 2021 we were contacted by a tenant looking to have some additional cleaning done over their Christmas holiday closure as follows:

  • Front Desk/Reception – carpet shampoo, steam clean 2 chairs, and wash the walls
  • Kitchen – clean and sanitize the fridge, microwave, walls, and sink
  • Washroom – clean and sanitize the walls, floors, toilet, and sink

The job was scheduled for the holiday closure and completed for the reasonable price of $425.00.

During the pandemic, we also offered electrostatic disinfecting spraying. Some tenants made use of this service daily, particularly those with classroom settings, while others requested occasional disinfections if notified of a positive case. The cost to tenants was nominal when considering the alternatives of temporary closures, lost business, or staff/clients becoming ill from exposure.

Quality is also a key factor. By performing the work in-house, we ensure tenants and clients receive the quality and care they expect. Keeping in mind Property Managers have an invested interest in the maintenance of their spaces and tenant relationships, it makes sense to use in-house staff for additional services. By engaging our Caretakers to perform a move-out cleaning for a vacating tenant, for example, we can expect the job to be done to the Landlords expectations and ensure no nasty surprises in the final walkthrough.

Health and safety are important to us. Edon is COR certified and maintains a robust health and safety program. Our Caretakers strictly adhere to our policies and procedures, so we are better able to control the risks of worker illness or injury. They are also familiar with the tenant spaces and have regular access as part of their daily tasks. Therefore, tenants do not need to arrange for security clearance or building access for an external vendor and can trust our staff to operate safely and securely in their space.

Offering additional cleaning services to tenants and clients makes sense. By offering a wide range of cleaning services, we can provide tenants with a clean and well-maintained environment with greater peace of mind.

Great Team, Great Spaces

By Case Studies, Edon's Picks, Office

After the success of the lobby/atrium renovation at Atrium II, our Project Management Office (PMO) turned its sights across the street to Atrium I, another building in need of modernization.

Acting as Project Manager, the PMO oversaw all aspects of the renovation:

  • Translating the Landlord’s intent into a conceptual design
  • Leading the consulting team to develop, review and issue tender drawings
  • Managing building permit applications
  • Coordinating construction, including site inspections, financial tracking and change management claims
  • As the project wrapped up, they led the commissioning, deficiency walkthroughs and handover.

All areas of the lobby and atrium were enhanced, including floors, staircases, walls, and planters. The area was opened up with the strategic placement of upgraded lighting and glass half-walls leading to the stairs on the upper level. Seating areas were also reconfigured to make the space more conducive to working or meeting outside tenant offices.

The ability to oversee these projects internally provides us with many advantages, including greater control over quality and safety, and the control of finances to make sure we don’t go over budget. There is still the occasional hiccup as a material shortage caused a delay, but the bright and modern space was worth the wait.

There is immediate availability at both Atrium I and Atrium II. Find out more on our Property Listing page.

Integrated Services, Exceptional Results

By Case Studies, Edon's Picks, Industrial

Advanced Energy Technology International (AETi) was looking for a bright and modern office space to welcome clients and provide employees with a desirable place to work. The space they were interested in, located in Calgary’s Airstate Business Park (a property managed by Edon), was anything but. .

After listening to and understanding AETi’s needs, our   Project Management Office (PMO) and General Contracting (GenCon) Divisions set out to transform the space into exactly what AETi envisioned.  Both the PMO and GenCon were instrumental in this renovation, from concept to completion – the PMO managing all facets of design, permitting, demolition and construction, and GenCon providing the materials and skilled trades to execute the work. The result is not only impressive, but a true reflection of AETi’s vision.

Such in-house, integrated services – like PMO and GenCon – are unique to Edon and provide several advantages, all of which AETi experienced first-hand. By self-performing the work, we eliminate multiple mark-ups and can therefore offer more favorable rates. Using our own forces also provides greater control over quality and safety and assures compliance with our ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and COR (Safety) certifications. It also typically results in shorter schedules, so projects are completed faster.

The transformation of AETi’s new office space brought their vision to fruition and demonstrates the benefits of our integrated, in-house services. AETi has a bright and modern space, and our PMO and GenCon teams delivered another successful project.

Momentum Fit-Up

By Case Studies

Project Overview

Momentum is a Calgary-based charity looking to consolidate its current operations into a single location with instructional rooms. The project was a 20,000-square-foot interior renovation that included a conversion to an assembly superimposed occupancy, which included new floor fire ratings (fire spray) and Building Sprinkler System. The change in layouts effectively required a full rebuild of all walls and associated mechanical and electrical systems.

Project Team 

  • Project Management
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Structural

COVID-19 Challenges

The project entered construction in February 2020 and quickly was faced with the challenges of COVID-19. Edon and the construction team acted proactively to implement COVID restrictions on March 12, 2020, including elective site personnel limits. In April 2020, a month before turnover, the team began contingency planning for COVID delays to allow a phased move-in. As a result, minor delays created by site personnel limits in June had no impact on the tenant’s move-out.

      Before and After

The building lacked the proper classification for assembly use.

During the lease negotiation stage, Edon led a pre-design team to develop a solution to reclassify this space (as a superimposed) occupancy, secured city buy-in and budgeted this work to allow a deal to be finalized.

Rebuild the vestibule vs. remediate

Following demo, it was discovered that the front double door vestibule to the building was an addition that had not been properly tied into the building envelope systems.

Edon led an investigation with the design/construction team to evaluate options and were able to salvage significant portions of the existing structure while replacing glazing sections and the roof to provide a proper continuous envelope system.

Project Timelines

The schedule was sensitive, with only one month separating move-in and move-out dates, and construction commencing during COVID-19.

Orpyx Fit-Up (COVID-19 Response)

By Case Studies

Project Overview

Two Calgary firms (Orpyx Medical Technologies and Fidelity Manufacturing) teamed up to locally produce facemasks to aid Alberta’s COVID response. During a prospective property review on May 1, 2020, they noted a required start date of July 1 due to the critical need for PPE. Sixty days later on June 30, 2020, the improvement was turned over to the tenant, including a 4,000 square foot ISO 8 Clean Room production facility to allow for medical grade certification. This project was delivered on time due to a strong risk management plan that was implemented immediately on May 1 and continued throughout the project.

Before and After

The decision to proceed required a financial analysis based on a budget provided on May 20 while some elements of the design were still underway.

A construction management arrangement was used to solicit and award packages as they were completed by the design team to maximize certainty prior to establishment of the budget.

Following May 20, the Project Manager coordinated and negotiated between the tenant and design team to steer the project towards the upset budget, which was not exceeded.

Common clean room equipment was not available on the required timelines.

The Project Manager worked directly with contractor sub-trades to determine what equipment could be sourced and ensured the design incorporated these items.

The schedule was met by:

  • Significant pre-design by the Project Management team to align on an overall strategy to allow for equipment pre-orders that were later incorporated into the design.
  • Crashing the schedule (multiple construction shifts, accelerated design schedule).
  • Fast-tracking the schedule (phase design plan that allowed construction to begin while design was still underway).

Renovated Atrium Increases Building Value

By Case Studies


Increase building value of Edon managed property by attracting new tenants and boosting current tenant satisfaction levels amidst the following considerations:

  • Impose minimal disruption to tenant operations
  • Maintain the health of live plants and fish
  • Integrate innovative design into the finished product


A three-phase approach was implemented to ensure smooth project delivery.

  1. Design & Prep Work
  2. Construction
  3. Finishing Touches

Before and After

At the outset, Edon’s project management team engaged an interior design company to create drawings and specifications for new floor tiles, carpet, paint, and other finishes.

Based on these drawings a tender was issued to complete the work. All contractors underwent a thorough prequalification process including meeting mandatory components such as WCB clearance, COR or safety program compliance, insurance coverage, criminal record checks, and compliance with Edon’s quality program. Based on the bids received, Edon recommended a contractor that could meet the project’s goals.

Taking into consideration the scope of work, an engineering firm completed a structural report to determine if the atrium could safely support an

electrical boom lift. It was advised that the central sections of the atrium could safely support the lift and it was approved to proceed.

To avoid adverse health effects to the atrium’s plants, Edon’s building horticulturalist was notified to remove all plants from the planter and pond beds and prune trees or plants that couldn’t be removed to allow for scaffolding. The pond’s goldfish were also temporarily relocated.

Before construction commenced, a notice was sent out to all tenants in the building informing them of the work and a tentative completion schedule.

The notice also outlined what they could expect in terms of noise and dust, and stressed the importance of following all posted signs for their safety. Noisy and disruptive work was performed after hours, but the majority of work occurred during regular business hours.

The construction contractor worked for a total of three months to install scaffold, prime walls, plaster, paint, remove scaffold, remove tile, install new carpet and floor tile, and perform electrical and plumbing work. The garden was waterproofed and waterlines relocated. Light poles were removed and new lighting installed that highlighted the space’s features.

Working simultaneously with phase two, Edon engaged a furniture contractor to do up a plan that would match the new finishes and layout.

Fulfilling the goal of incorporating innovative design into the space, selected furniture contained charging stations for phones and laptops. Therefore it was important to coordinate the type and location of furniture with the electrical contractor before construction was fully completed.

With furniture in place and construction finished, both plants and fish were returned to the space. Edon’s Project Manager conducted a deficiency walkthrough to identify areas requiring improvement and followed up with the contractor to repair. Upon final client approval, the project was successfully closed.

With a modernized atrium as the focal point of the facility, the property increased its competitiveness in the marketplace, retained tenants, and ultimately increased in value. Edon’s client realized both an immediate and long-term return on investment through the successful implementation of this capital project.

File Room Renovation

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Convert an existing file room into an exam room within two months to meet a critical client deadline.


Through a client approved tendering process, Edon engaged design and engineering consultants to prepare tender drawings and specifications. All work occurred in occupied space during normal business hours, except tasks requiring water or mechanical shutoffs were completed after hours to avoid client disruption. The Project Manager oversaw demolition, construction, millwork, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work for safety, quality, and legislative control.

Before and After

Parking Lot Expansion

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Create more parking by expanding the current lot and building a retaining wall.


Before the project commenced, Edon coordinated with multiple stakeholders to acquire land for the parking lot expansion. Once secured, a geotechnical investigation was performed to study the area, create the design, and secure the development permit. A construction contractor was engaged to build a concrete retaining wall and expand the parking area based on the approved design. Edon monitored the project from start to finish ensuring proper documentation and communication with all parties involved.

Before and After

Mouldy Wall Remediation

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Remediate and repair a mouldy wall on the inside of an emergency response facility within two months.


Edon provided tender services to engage a general contractor for the supply and installation of materials and labour following the client’s tendering procedures. Throughout the course of the project Edon’s team undertook inspections and supervised the work ensuring compliance with scope, budget, and schedule. An occupational hygienist was also engaged to perform air quality tests and provide clearance.

Before and After