Despite challenges of the on-going pandemic, recruitment at Edon is still going strong.  Like many workplaces, Edon is taking necessary precautions to protect team members throughout this time, including utilizing virtual interviews to assist in the recruitment process. Check out our tips for conducting virtual interviews, including key tasks to do before, during, and post interview.

Be prepared to ace your next virtual interview with these helpful tips.

  1. Device Check

We’ve all run into technology issues during the past year as teams adapted to new applications. Prior to the interview, ensure your device is up and running properly. We recommend downloading the software being used for the interview beforehand, such as Microsoft Teams. If possible, conduct a test meeting with family or friends to verify your microphone, audio, and video settings. A strong internet connection is also key for a successful interview.

  1. Location, Location, Location

We know it is impossible to eliminate every possible distraction at home or work during an interview; however, try to find a space that will allow for as few interruptions as possible. A quiet space away from others who may be living with you, whether family members, roommates, or pets, will help eliminate outside noise. It’s also a good idea to find a space with a neutral background to prevent visual distractions during the interview (this could be your home office or simply a blank wall in one of your rooms). Refrain from using virtual background options as these can be distorted by your movements. 

  1. Camera Ready

As with in-person interviews, you want to put your best foot forward, even virtually.  Dress in business casual attire from top to bottom… as you may need to deal with an unexpected interruption during the call. Don’t give the interviewers a reason to focus on anything other than what you’re saying. Dressing like you would for an in-person interview is also a way to set you in a business frame of mind.

  1. Eyes Up Here

Connecting with interviewers virtually may be difficult; however, in order to maintain eye contact be sure to look directly at the camera when asking or responding to questions. If you’re looking at the screen or off to the side, it can appear that you aren’t interested in the discussion. Also try to remember the camera can pick up everything, so sit with your feet firmly planted on the ground and avoid continual movements like adjusting in your chair.

  1. Ready for Anything

As with any technology, things can go wrong no matter how much you try to prevent it.  At the start of the interview request a phone number from the interviewers just in case you get disconnected. Also be ready to handle unexpected interruptions such as noise or the possibility of something or someone dropping into camera view.  If required, briefly apologize for the interruption and request a moment to deal with the situation.  Remember to mute your microphone or turn off your camera before leaving!

  1. Follow up

While it may be customary to thank your interviewers at the end of the meeting, a follow up email further expressing your thanks and interest in the position is a great idea.  Not only will this reinforce your interest in the role, it also leaves a great impression on the interview team.