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Integrated Services Model & Own Forces

Edon Management utilizes its Regional Operations and Maintenance (ROAM) teams based out of Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer to deliver complete building solutions, while leveraging the knowledge and expertise from its 14 Centres of Excellence (COE) to best serve clients.

At Edon, our ROAM teams apply unique approaches to servicing clients. Our in-house own forces provide greater consistency across contractual duties with site and personnel familiarity, resulting in quicker response times and resolutions to job requests. Quality won’t be compromised, because ROAM team members are integrated with Edon’s culture and its high standards. ROAM saves the client money by becoming a flexible on-call resource when a full-time need isn’t necessary, eliminating permanent fixed costs.

Supporting ROAM team members are the Centres of Excellence. Collectively branded as EPlus, COEs are internal subject matter experts who provide advisement to team members, subcontractors and business partners. Engagement and consultancy results in value oriented in-house service delivery inclusive of building operations, trades support, caretaking, security, grounds maintenance and project management. Supplemental to their support roles, the COEs research, develop, recommend and implement best-in-class practices.

ROAM + COE = worry free, cost saving client solutions

Regional Operations and Maintenance

Centres of Excellence

ROAM team members below are supported and overseen by a Regional Manager, an Integrated Services Business Manager and supervisors for General Contracting (GenCon), Grounds, Security and Caretaking:




  HVAC Techs

  Maintenance Techs


  Roving Building Operators