Disposing of obsolete and unwanted electronics will soon be easier for many office tenants in Edon’s Asset Management portfolio. We have partnered with Technotrash Alberta Ltd., a leading Calgary-based firm that specializes in the primary stage of electronics recycling.  Our tenants will soon be able to responsibly dispose of electronic devices such as laptops, computers (and subsequent parts), televisions, microwaves, printers, fax machines, wires and cables, non-alkaline batteries, etc., simply by placing them in specified bins in their buildings.  

The ever-changing technological landscape has led to more electronic devices in use than ever. But with shorter and shorter useful lives, these devices need a place where they can “retire” without harming the environment. Keeping these items out of landfills means toxic elements, such as cadmium and mercury, will not leach into the soil. Also, reclaiming these and other materials reduces the need to mine them, thereby lessening both the effects caused by such activities and the drain on our natural resources.

As part of our journey to improve sustainability across our portfolio, we are thrilled to partner with Technotrash and offer our tenants a responsible way to recycle their electronic devices.