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Technological solutions have become essential for companies looking to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape, and Edon is no exception. We now have an in-house team dedicated to adapting the latest technologies for practical applications within our services; Property Management, Asset Management, Facilities Management, and Project Management have all benefitted from their efforts and from the latest in technological advancements.

Through of series of apps and other tools developed by our team, we’ve succeeded in creating capacity for all departments, allowing more time for tenant/client focused activities and value-added work. Artificial intelligence can now read and process invoices, speeding up vendor payments. Staff in the field can easily schedule work, report incidents, and even submit purchase order requests on their phones through our app launcher, cutting down the time it takes to complete projects. Log entries can be updated digitally, reducing the need for paper records and providing better access to those who use them.

By developing these tools in-house, we’re able to design them to suit our business and our staff. We recognize that the communities in which we operate have diverse cultures, which may lead to language barriers if left unaddressed. One way we’re overcoming language barriers is to build in translation options; our Team Members can feel more confident when entering mileage, expense reports, or timesheets, for example, using their native languages. Our apps can be translated into Spanish, French, Filipino, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese, just to name a few.

Providing our Team with the digital tools they need to excel will continue to be a focus as technologies expand. Leveraging the power of apps and advanced technology will allow us to continue to deliver exceptional tenant and client experiences.