Project Overview

Two Calgary firms (Orpyx Medical Technologies and Fidelity Manufacturing) teamed up to locally produce facemasks to aid Alberta’s COVID response. During a prospective property review on May 1, 2020, they noted a required start date of July 1 due to the critical need for PPE. Sixty days later on June 30, 2020, the improvement was turned over to the tenant, including a 4,000 square foot ISO 8 Clean Room production facility to allow for medical grade certification. This project was delivered on time due to a strong risk management plan that was implemented immediately on May 1 and continued throughout the project.

Before and After

The decision to proceed required a financial analysis based on a budget provided on May 20 while some elements of the design were still underway.

A construction management arrangement was used to solicit and award packages as they were completed by the design team to maximize certainty prior to establishment of the budget.

Following May 20, the Project Manager coordinated and negotiated between the tenant and design team to steer the project towards the upset budget, which was not exceeded.

Common clean room equipment was not available on the required timelines.

The Project Manager worked directly with contractor sub-trades to determine what equipment could be sourced and ensured the design incorporated these items.

The schedule was met by:

  • Significant pre-design by the Project Management team to align on an overall strategy to allow for equipment pre-orders that were later incorporated into the design.
  • Crashing the schedule (multiple construction shifts, accelerated design schedule).
  • Fast-tracking the schedule (phase design plan that allowed construction to begin while design was still underway).