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What Does Edon’s Hiring Process Look Like?



Application Tips & Tricks to Land an Interview


If one of the job postings on our website catches your eye, make sure you apply! Our current application process is simple: create your resume/cover letter and submit it to the careers email listed in the job posting, stating the position ID in the subject line.

Keep in mind a single job posting can generate hundreds of applications, so here are a few tips to help you stand out.

  • Be Honest
    Ensure your employment history, qualifications, and previous job responsibilities are accurate. While you may want to “pad” your resume with additional details, this will not help you. Anything on your resume is up for discussion during the interview process and embellishments will come out.
  • Keep it Simple
    Layout your resume in a format that is easy for the reader to understand; an overcrowded resume can be a turnoff. Separate your resume into sections such as skills, education and work experience to keep things organized and use generic, easy to read fonts like Calibri or Times New Roman.
  • Check your Application for Accuracy
    Review your resume and cover letter for accuracy and spelling before submitting your application.
  • Be Concise
    Highlight three to five key tasks you were responsible for in your previous positions.
  • Tailor it to the Job Posting
    Link your previous job responsibilities to the job posting. This will demonstrate that you are capable of performing the tasks associated with the position, but are looking to take on more responsibility or a new challenge.
  • Cater Your Application to the Company
    Demonstrate that you know a bit about Edon Management and express why you want to work for us.

The hiring manager will review applications and create an interview shortlist. If you’ve used the tips outlined above it may give you a better chance of being selected for an interview. Please be advised that only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Depending on the position, you may be asked to come in for a second interview with some different members of our team. This will help determine if you are the right fit for the company and the position.

Completing the Checks
Following the interview, you may be asked to provide information so we can begin to do checks. These checks include reference checks, background checks and, depending on the position, a DISC Assessment (behavioural assessment tool).

Should you be the selected candidate, an offer of employment will be presented. It is now up to you to determine if Edon is the right fit. Upon offer acceptance, an orientation will be set up for your first day.