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5 Ways to Describe Edon’s Culture

By Edon's Picks, People and Culture

Workplace culture can make or break a company when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. At Edon, we strive to create an environment where people excel and feel comfortable coming into work each day. Below are five ways we define our company culture.

Team Based

It may be a cliché because every organization states that they are team-based, however, at Edon this actually reigns true. While a lot of the work we do may be on an individual basis, you can always count on the fact that your team members are there to support and assist you should you have questions or need help completing a project.


If you are someone who likes to stay busy, Edon is the right fit for you. Working at Edon, you will never have to worry about what to do next as there are always new projects or programs in development. At the odd time when things slow, it is encouraged to learn different facets of the company to expand your knowledge about what others are doing in the organization.


Continuous improvement is at the forefront of the company and an integral part of Edon’s quality management system. Whether you have an idea that will help streamline daily work, or improve a process, Edon wants to hear them. That’s why we created our Emagination program, to funnel innovative ideas and recognize team members.

Growth Oriented

At Edon, there is plenty of opportunities to grow in your career (it’s one of our core values). Edon has a strong leadership team available to mentor and support your career plans. Each year employees assist in the development of their personal objectives, so if there is something you are passionate about exploring, make sure you discuss it with your manager. Courses that would help you progress in your career, can apply towards Edon’s tuition reimbursement program to help offset financial costs.


Edon is built on diversity. Our team members come from various backgrounds, offer different skillsets and experience, and range in age from those coming out of school to those nearing retirement. While there are differences that set us apart, we all work effectively as one team to put forth our best work. We also bring diversity into our business by offering our clients a broad range of services to help meet their needs.

Renovated Atrium Increases Building Value

By Case Studies


Increase building value of Edon managed property by attracting new tenants and boosting current tenant satisfaction levels amidst the following considerations:

  • Impose minimal disruption to tenant operations
  • Maintain the health of live plants and fish
  • Integrate innovative design into the finished product


A three-phase approach was implemented to ensure smooth project delivery.

  1. Design & Prep Work
  2. Construction
  3. Finishing Touches

Before and After

At the outset, Edon’s project management team engaged an interior design company to create drawings and specifications for new floor tiles, carpet, paint, and other finishes.

Based on these drawings a tender was issued to complete the work. All contractors underwent a thorough prequalification process including meeting mandatory components such as WCB clearance, COR or safety program compliance, insurance coverage, criminal record checks, and compliance with Edon’s quality program. Based on the bids received, Edon recommended a contractor that could meet the project’s goals.

Taking into consideration the scope of work, an engineering firm completed a structural report to determine if the atrium could safely support an

electrical boom lift. It was advised that the central sections of the atrium could safely support the lift and it was approved to proceed.

To avoid adverse health effects to the atrium’s plants, Edon’s building horticulturalist was notified to remove all plants from the planter and pond beds and prune trees or plants that couldn’t be removed to allow for scaffolding. The pond’s goldfish were also temporarily relocated.

Before construction commenced, a notice was sent out to all tenants in the building informing them of the work and a tentative completion schedule.

The notice also outlined what they could expect in terms of noise and dust, and stressed the importance of following all posted signs for their safety. Noisy and disruptive work was performed after hours, but the majority of work occurred during regular business hours.

The construction contractor worked for a total of three months to install scaffold, prime walls, plaster, paint, remove scaffold, remove tile, install new carpet and floor tile, and perform electrical and plumbing work. The garden was waterproofed and waterlines relocated. Light poles were removed and new lighting installed that highlighted the space’s features.

Working simultaneously with phase two, Edon engaged a furniture contractor to do up a plan that would match the new finishes and layout.

Fulfilling the goal of incorporating innovative design into the space, selected furniture contained charging stations for phones and laptops. Therefore it was important to coordinate the type and location of furniture with the electrical contractor before construction was fully completed.

With furniture in place and construction finished, both plants and fish were returned to the space. Edon’s Project Manager conducted a deficiency walkthrough to identify areas requiring improvement and followed up with the contractor to repair. Upon final client approval, the project was successfully closed.

With a modernized atrium as the focal point of the facility, the property increased its competitiveness in the marketplace, retained tenants, and ultimately increased in value. Edon’s client realized both an immediate and long-term return on investment through the successful implementation of this capital project.